Three Alpha’s short films are in competition at Mompeo International

Jul 7, 2024

MOMPEO International Film Festival

“The stolen embrace” by Simone Gazzola

“She was a star” by Neshat Shabani

“Waiting here” by Gabriele Brundu

Three Alpha's distribution short films at Mompeo International Short Film Festival

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The short films “The stole embrace” (L’abbraccio rubato) by Simone Gazzola, “She was a star” by Neshat Shabani and “Waiting here” (Ti aspetto qui) by Gabriele Brundu, have been selected for the official competition of the Mompeo International Short Film Festival, in Rieti, Italy.

The festival will take place from July 17th to 20th, 2024.

📌  It’s World Premiere for “She was a star” by Neshat Shabani.

MOMPEO International Short Film Festival

Mompeo Intarnational Short Film Festival is organized by the “Associazione Solidando Cooperazione e Sviluppo ODV” founded in 2004 following the experience of a group of friends who went to Nicaragua in the summer of the same year to promote a long-cultivated project: creating a traveling cinema for the community of Chinandega. For several years it has organized cultural activities in Sardinia and abroad, including Solidando International Short Film festival.

The short films

“Waiting Here” (Ti aspetto qui) by Gabriele Brundu tells about an event that disrupts the life of Andrea, a 9-year-old boy, forcing him to put a strain on his childhood. With the help of his parents, young Andrea moves lightly in the world of adults to restore broken balances.

“The stolen embrace” (L’abbraccio rubato) by Simone Gazzola tells about Febe, a new-mom artist, is stuck at home, disconnected from reality. Not even the phone call of her husband and the crying coming from the cradle seem to wake her up.

“She Was a Star” by Neshat Shabani tells of an elderly woman who lives in a retirement home: she was a famous singer and now has Alzheimer’s. This woman has forgotten that she was a star one day and suffers every time recalling past memories. The nurse who takes care of her finds similarities between her life and that of this woman.

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