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What do we do for your short film distribution?

The distribution of a short film goes beyond submissions to festivals and reviews, but embraces a series of essential and, more often than not, complex activities. In addition to this, promoting and distributing a short film effectively means having the right tools and a good deal of experience at your disposal. The Alpha Film team provides professional tools and quality services, seasoned with its important know-how gained over years of experience.

Alpha Film services

We carefully view and evaluate the potential of the films, providing our technical consultancy on the most suitable preparation for the expectations of festival distribution.

Tailored distribution contracts

If in line with the Alpha Film editorial guidelines, we propose a tailor-made distribution contract, which takes into account the film’s potential and the director’s and production’s aspirations.

Distribution plan

In collaboration with directors and producers, we develop a customized distribution strategy that takes into account the characteristics of the film, each individual festival and review, premieres and deadlines.

Concept and creation 

We design and develop all the promotional materials necessary to distribute a short film: poster, coordinated images, press-books, technical sheets, social graphics and all the requirements from festivals.

Movie promotion

We create and manage the promotion of the film and the director: social pages, website pages and, depending on the case and results, magazines and specialized sites.

Festival registration platforms

We take care of the inclusion of the film, and its management, in all the most important international festival platforms: filmfreeway, shortfilmdepot…

Management of deadlines and premieres

Management of all festival submission deadlines based on national and international premieres, taking into consideration the distribution strategy.

Subscription management

We manage the entire registration process: materials and technical requests from the festivals, payments, communications…

Relations with festivals

We daily manage relationships with the organizers and artistic directions of national and international festivals.

Through the EsenFest, festival distribution platform, you will be able to keep the entire journey of your film under control: budget, expenses, submissions, results, programming and much more, all in real time 24/7.

Management of selections and awards

We manage the selection and award process of the film: screenings, communication, materials, graphics, accreditations, awards…

Sales Agents

We manage relationships with international sales agents and VOD platforms.

Alpha Film

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