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EsenFest digital platform

the innovation of short films distribution

Alpha Film combines innovation with tradition. A short films distribution that enhances the good practices of the past with the tools of the future: the EsenFest platform.

Esen Fest, the short films distribution platform

Designed and developed by our team, EsenFest is currently the most innovative and comprehensive digital platform on the market. Directors and producers can maintain control over all distribution reports and strategies, interact with their dedicated staff, and stay engaged in the distribution process.

Alpha Film

Submit your film to be evaluated by our short film distribution team. If your work aligns with our distribution guidelines, we will offer you a personalized agreement, taking into account the film’s characteristics and objectives.

Digital platform for short films distribution in festivals

Why the EsenFest platform?

24/7 distribution control

Thanks to the EsenFest platform, you can monitor the distribution of your film at any time, 24/7, from your computer or smartphone.


Distribution planning

You can plan expenses such as submissions, identify the most interesting festivals, manage materials, event accreditations and much more, together with the Alpha Film team.

Film community

Join a community of industry professionals with whom you can interact, discuss and create new opportunities.

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