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For many emerging filmmakers, distributing their short films is a crucial step in their career. How can they get noticed in such a vast and competitive market like the independent film industry? The answer lies in participation in film festivals around the world.

However, distribution in film festivals is not simple. In fact, only by using targeted strategies, such as careful selection of festivals, very careful planning, professional presentation and, moreover, an effective promotion plan, can the short film maximize its chances of being selected for official competitions.

Undeniably, this complex and demanding phase requires specific skills and a network of contacts within the industry. This is where the importance of a distribution company comes into play: thanks to their experience and established relationships, indeed, they can open doors that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Short films festival

Firstly, submit your short film to the Alpha Film team. Then, after an evaluation of the work, if in line with our distribution policies, you will be offered a tailor-made agreement that takes into account the characteristics and aspirations of the film.

Why choose Alpha Film?


Alpha Film is an Esen Studios catalogue dedicated to emerging talents. Born in 2017, Esen Studios quickly established itself among the most accredited short films distribution companies. The great experience gained at an international level is made available to talented directors and producers through the Alpha Film catalog.


A festival distribution that enhances the experience with innovative digital tools: the EsenFest platform. Designed and developed by Esen Studios, EsenFest is the most innovative and complete digital platform currently available on the market for the short films distribution. Directors and producers can maintain control over all distribution reports and strategies, interface with the staff dedicated to them and stay involved in the distribution process.

Attention to detail

Surprisingly organized and actively involved alongside directors and productions, able to deal with the short films distribution in all its more complex aspects, Alpha Film, in brief, takes care of every detail, studies the best and tailor-made strategy for the film, choosing the right path starting from world, national and international previews. Moreover, the short films distribution team maintains relations with the artistic directors and individual festival organizations. In addition, Alpha Film managing relationships with selection committees, takes care of the graphics dedicated to the film and all the technical requirements from festivals. In addition to this, the team handles all the communication, promotion and much more.

Alpha Film, distribuzione cortometraggi