Three Alpha’ short films at 14th Pune Short Film Festival

May 14, 2024

14th Pune Short Film Festival

“Sky(pe)” by Riccardo Menecatti and Bruno Ugioli

“Soul” by Andrea Baglio

“Birthmarked” by Mehrshad Golkarian

Three Alpha's short films in competition at Pune Short Film Festival.

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The short films “Sky(pe)” by Riccardo Menicatti and Bruno Ugioli, “Soul” (Anima) by Andrea Baglio and  “Birthmarked” by Mehrshad Golkarian, have been selected for the official competition of the 14th Pune Short Film Festival, which will be held in the city of Pune, India, from June 3 to 8, 2024.

📌  It’s Indian premiere for all three films.

14th Pune Short Film Festival

Pune Short Film Festival is conducting a innovative international short film festival and invites participation from aspiring and upcoming independent filmmakers. A unique short film festival, focusing on opportunity creation for global filmmakers.

The short films

“Birthmarked” by Mehrshad Golkarian is a story of Fatemeh, a 14-year-old girl with a birthmark on her left breast, who is forced by her father to marry a suitor at such young age. Dissatisfied with this, she orchestrates a bold action to prevent this early marriage.

“Soul” (Anima) by Andrea Baglio, set during the Second World War, tells the story of three Italians fleeing from a handful of Yugoslav militiamen seeking revenge for the oppression suffered during the fascist period. Alma, a girl of our times, sees her present intertwined with the painful past of the protagonists.

“Sky(pe)” by Riccardo Menicatti & Bruno Ugioli is a story of a father that manages to video-call his son from heaven. The idea for Sky(pe) was born during the first lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic. In a time when personal relationships were impossible, every social activity has been reinvented through the screens of smartphones and computers, getting us used to a new way of seeing each others. 


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