“As leaves in the wind” short film at Lift-Off

Jan 8, 2024

LIFT-OFF Filmaker Sessions

“As leaves in the wind” by Sofia Luz

The short film "As leaves in the wind", official selection at Lift Off

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“As leaves in the wind” (Como hojas por el viento) by Sofia Luz was selected at the Lift-Off Filmaker Sessions, United Kingdom. The short documentary will be screened on January 15, 2024.

Lift-Off Filmaker Sessions

Lift-Off Sessions is designed to be the entry into the Lift-Off Global Network. Sessions is a monthly online showcase dedicated to screening a collection of globally submitted indie shorts and features (of all genres) from new voices to global audiences.

Throughout the year-long celebration of indie film, the Lift-Off Season identifies projects and awards nominations for the Lift-Off Season Awards. The Season’s final event held at Pinewood Studios, the Season Awards recognises the best-of-the-best and promotes the filmmaking talent from within the projects.

The short documentary

“As leaves in the wind” is a story of two transgender women who migrate from their home countries seeking asylum and opportunities in a new continent. Their lives go through structural changes when they meet and take part in a new support network. Made by them for them.

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