The short film “The Truth” by Miranda Angeli was presented today

Jun 7, 2023

The Truth

A short film by Miranda Angeli

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The short film “The Truth” (La Verità) by Miranda Angeli was presented today by Esen Studios.

Miranda Angeli, regista del cortometraggio

Miranda Angeli

The director

Born in Rome in 1997, Miranda Angeli studied at the Rome University of Fine Arts and later obtained a Masters in Screenwriting and Dramaturgy at the Silvio d’Amico Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since 2020, he has been working in cinema and theater. “The truth” is his first short film as a director.

“In “The Truth” I tried to make visible the bubble that encloses the protagonist: the space around her always presses her to the side, or in the centre, as if the world in which she has always lived comfortably – a symmetrical, bourgeois, harmonious – it was closing in on her”, comments the director.

The short film

Rachele (Anna Cianca) is an independent and feminist woman who has to face a terrible loss: her son Filippo is killed by Giulia (Melania Maria Codella), a university classmate. In court, however, the girl is prevailing. When Rachele accidentally bumps into Giulia outside of a supermarket just the day before the last trial, she persuades the girl to talk to her in an attempt to elicit a confession from her in order to overturn the sentence. Rachele will soon find out that the truth is far more complex than she ever believed.


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