The short film “Sky(pe)” in competition at Ramsgate Film Festival

Jun 8, 2024

Ramsgate International Film Festival

“Sky(pe)” by Riccardo Menicatti & Bruno Ugioli

The short film "Sky(pe)" at Ramsgate Film Festival.

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“Sky(pe)” by Riccardo Menicatti and Bruno Ugioli is in the official selection of Ramsgate International Film Festival, UK.

📌 It’s UK premiere for the short film.

Ramsgate International Film Festival

BIFA accredited – Set in England’s Royal Harbour, and the stunning location to multiple award winning and acclaimed TV and Film productions, the 8th Ramsgate International Film Festival will show new works and help promote film makers and cultural awareness. It has become the largest of its kind in the South East and one of the fastest growing festivals in the UK.

The short film

“Sky(pe)” by Riccardo Menicatti & Bruno Ugioli is a story of a father that manages to video-call his son from heaven.

The idea for Sky(pe) was born during the first lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic. In a time when personal relationships were impossible, every social activity has been reinvented through the screens of smartphones and computers, getting us used to a new way of seeing each others. Work video calls, DaD for students and teachers, TV guests from their apartment… every relationship had been transformed to webcam-deformed faces in a home-made pixel frame. 

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