The short film “The Recurrence” by Angelo Giordano at Resistenze Festival

Apr 28, 2024

Resistenze Festival

“The Recurrence” by Angelo Giordano

"The Recurrence" short film at Resistenze Festival
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“The Recurrence” (La Ricorrenza) by Angelo Giordano is in the official selection of Resistenze Festival, Dronero, Italy.

➡ The short will be screened today, April 28th at 4:00 pm as a world premiere.


Resistenze Festival

Resistenze Festival is a cultural event that aims to gather looks and voices from the contemporary world capable of describing the complexity we are experiencing. Promoted by the O.P.S. association – Officina Per la Scena APS with the patronage of the city of Dronero, the Festival will bring short fiction, animated and documentary films to the evocative area of ​​Val Maira, as well as collateral events of cinema, literature and social theatre, with the aim of giving visibility to daily resistance, to the persistence of militancy, communities and crises that are “invisible” in the mass media. The heart of the Festival is the competitive competition for short films, which arises from the need to give the floor to many filmmakers who try to use the audiovisual as a form of critical expression, a torch on reality and on the problems that affect everyone’s lives every day .

The short film

“The Recurrence” tell about a small town in the south of Italy where the new mayor has canceled an ancient recurrence. Tommaso, a bizarre man worried by the disastrous consequences that this decision could bring, tries to change his mind.

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