The short documentary “The double life of Kore” at the Capri, Hollywood

Dec 16, 2023


“The double life of Kore” by Maria A. Mariani

"The double life of Kore" in competition at Capri, Hollywood
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“The double life of Kore” (La doppia vita di Kore) by Maria Antonietta Mariani will have its world premiere at the Capri, Hollywood 2023. The short documentary is in the official selection and will be available for streaming on the MyMovies platform from 26 December 2023 to 01 January 2024.

Capry, Hollywood

The Capri, Hollywood Film Festival, founded in 1995, is a prestigious cinematographic event that unites two iconic worlds: the glamor of Hollywood and the timeless beauty of Capri. Every December, the festival hosts exclusive screenings, meetings with leading directors and actors, and awards for excellence in the film industry.

The short documentary

“The double life of Kore” (Italy, 2023 / 20′)  is a documentary that metaphorically follows the myth of Kore. Four female artists reveal fragments of themselves that become a collective story about creation.: “Gaia, Nina, Teresa and Virginia are artists of the Roman cultural scene. The interweaving of emotions and experiences of the protagonists returns a story poised between realism and magical thinking.”

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