The short film “I wanted to be Vittorio Gassman” won two awards at the Trenton Film Festival

Jul 6, 2023

14. Trenton Film Festival, New Jersey

“I wanted to be Vittorio Gassman” by Cristian Scardigno

“I wanted to be Vittorio Gassman"” wins at theTrenton Film Festival

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The short “I wanted to be Vittorio Gassman” (Volevo essere Gassman) by Cristian Scardigno, produced and ditribuited by Esen Studios, won two awards at the 14th edition of Trenton Film Festival, New Jersey, USA: Best Narrative Short and Audience Favorite.

Trenton Film Festival

Organized by the Trenton Film Society, the festival screens cutting-edge short films in various genres from around the world, offering filmmakers the opportunity to interact with audiences through post-screening discussions, receptions and workshops.

The Location

Located halfway between New York City and Philadelphia, Trenton is a small city with easy access to one of the largest film markets in the world, capable of giving exposure to many short films produced by emerging talent or established directors.

The short film

Italy in the early 60s, the Italian comedy and Aldo Marianecci. “I wanted to be Vittorio Gassman” is a mix of these three elements: a fundamental era and genre in the history of Italian cinema, and a heartfelt and sincere homage to a real-life character. Aldo Marianecci, for friends “Bobby”, is an actor unknown to most. He began his career with a small role in “Sciuscià” by Vittorio De Sica, and continued by always covering supporting roles in television films and works by recognized great masters.
The story told in the short film takes place almost at the beginning of his career, or rather, at the moment when Aldo is about to start a more substantial journey, in the early 60s, after the role he obtained in the TV film “Il mondo è una prigione” by Vittorio Cottafavi.
Aldo Marianecci, in search of fortune, returns to his hometown, Cisterna di Latina. He will spend the weekend with old friends and with a young American he met on a set at Cinecittà. Waiting for a phone call that could change his life marks his days.

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